To celebrate our 100th episode, we decided to go back to the beginning. The Mighty Ducks was the subject of our very first podcast and it was passably entertaining, so surely this sequel could hit some of the same heights, right? Well, no.
This is pretty much the same movie all over again, only far worse. The emotion in the Gordon/Charlie relationship is just not there and all the attempts at comedy are dreadful failures. As for the story, the Ducks...Team USA...whatever travel to Los Angeles for the Goodwill Games and run up against the powerful Iceland "kids". Will our overdogs (or overducks) overcome? Will they?! When you have a secret weapon like the knucklepuck and a bunch of wacky new recruits for Emilio Estevez to coach, it's a foregone conclusion.
So miss important commitments while you rollerblade forlornly on the boardwalk, but be sure to stick our talk about D2 in your earbuds as you skate around and contemplate the meaning of your life.

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