Put on your uniform, control your temper and don't swear around your adopted kid because---as Paul Douglas learned in 1951---there are Angels In The Outfield.
This is the oldest movie we've ever covered, it's also our first black-and-white film and it has to be the most religious. Then again, who CAN'T relate to hearing a heavenly voice and then taking advantage of divine assistance so they can win baseball games? It's a Pittsburgh miracle!
Speaking of fantasy, both versions of Miracle On 34th Street cropped up a lot because there are many comparisons, particularly in the "courtroom" scene. We've got quite a bit to say about Clarence Brown's pseudo-classic that inspired Disney's goofy 1994 remake, so pour a gallon of ketchup on your steak, begin an improbable romance with Janet Leigh and turn yourself into a better person so an orphan will love you as we yap about Angels & Pirates.
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