Ep. 102 - Secretariat

We've only covered horse racing on this channel once before, which was when we jawed about Seabiscuit several years ago. That movie is more famous and was more successful, partly because it beat Randall Wallace's biopic to the starting gate by 7 years.
In Secretariat, Diane Lane and John Malkovich make a fine owner/trainer team, but good performances don't offset the fact that there's nothing really at stake in this film. This record-setting horse and these silver-spoon people were not underdogs. They were going to be fine no matter what happened on the race track. To compensate, Wallace pumps in lots of made-up (or at least exaggerated) drama. On the bright side, the picture is entertaining and well-made. So mind-meld with your lady friend before easily winning the Triple Crown, but then have some fun breeding excessively as we break down the happenings in Secretariat.
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