Ep. 103 - Bruised

We weren't completely in sync about Bruised, although we agreed Halle Berry's gritty directorial debut has very few dashes of originality. The story and the action rips off several other sports movies, including many parts throughout the entire Rocky franchise. Chris didn't love Halle Berry's performance as an MMA fighter either or her "one lousy struggle after another" life outside the octagon. She shouldn't need to face THIS many obstacles to get us on her side. There's just too much jammed into this underwhelming screenplay. Most of the performances are authentic though, especially Sheila Atim as Berry's MMA trainer. Their chemistry has some sizzle, even if we didn't really buy their character's motivations in that, shall we say, scorable scene.
So fill your spray bottle with spirits and try to click with your kid who can't bring himself to speak to you as we try to figure out what's going on in Bruised.
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