Ep. 106 - Hustle

Hustle has only been out for a few weeks, but the vast majority of opinions seem to be that this is one of the best things Adam Sandler has ever done. We're with the majority.
It's not perfect and it riffs on many movies that came before it, but Jeremiah Zagar's 2nd film has a big heart, dynamic basketball action and features terrific performances by Juancho Hernangomez and the Sand Man. Their chemistry makes the movie work, although the husband-wife glue between Sandler and Queen Latifah is key too. Okay, yeah, Zagar wastes the great Robert Duvall. Ben Foster doesn't get much to do either, but any movie that showcases so many real-life b-ball stars and pays off this many set-ups will always get a rave from us.
So don't drive while distracted (or while drunk), but trash-talk your sensitive opponent to throw him off his game and for Bob's sake never back down as we point out the many upsides of Hustle.
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