Ep. 25 - Days of Thunder

This episode of Scoring At The Movies takes us to the quarter-century mark… and this is one goofy way to hit that mark.

Tom Cruise’s passion project, Days of Thunder, is one of his worst pictures, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun. Robert Duvall actually does some of the most-underrated work of his long career (no, seriously) and North America was introduced to Nicole Kidman (who just wanted out of the “cah”).

This movie has surprising insight into concussions & brain trauma and it’s got that trademark Tony Scott slickness in the racing scenes, so bully for all that. We’ve got plenty of Reasonably Good Questions, some of which blew Chris’ mind.

So buckle up, shut your brain (nearly) all the way off, do your Duvall exhale and try to outrun the thunder!

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