Ep. 29 - The Natural

While it's cool that Bret Hart got his catchphrase from this film (and did we ever take advantage of that fact!), we sure didn't feel like The Natural was the best there is, was or ever will be. There just wasn’t enough divine influence (a theme we didn’t really discuss in this 29th Scoring At The Movies episode) or movie magic to make us love Robert Redford’s ultra-famous baseball flick the way we used to.

The star is as likable as always, but he’s REALLY miscast...and not just because of his age. Director Barry Levinson’s fantasical flicker show is a logical mess, which brought about a slew of Reasonably Good Questions… even though we didn’t actually call them that. Maybe the best angle on this movie is to see it as Roy’s fever dream or maybe even a sensationalized story written by Max Mercy. It’s got some great moments (the ending, man, the ending!), but we spent over an hour ripping on the not-so-great ones. Oh and to answer Chris’ question about better casting for Roy Hobbs? Kurt Russell! 

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