Ep. 34 - The Wrestler

Scoring At The Movies’ 34th go-round is a lengthy yap about one of the 3 or 4 best movies we’ve covered yet: The Wrestler!

The usually-trippy Darren Aronofsky directed his most realistic film here and it's just plain wonderful. Even though it’s about the over-the-top world of pro rasslin', it's filled with subtlety and so many great moments. Mickey Rourke gives one of the greatest performances—by anyone—in decades, and he’s incredibly genuine in what so many have always called a “fake” sport.

We spent some time discussing the origin of Randy The Ram’s real name and we jawed about the issue of athletes living with pain…and regret. The topic of unions in wrestling came up, so we even got to fly some socialist colours.

So, spring chickens, take what might be your last dive off the top rope and enjoy our not-one-trick-pony podcast.

Pedantry Alert: Rourke does cry in at least 1 other movie (The Pledge) and he’s only even in that for a few minutes. Also, what Ram hears in his head before going out to work at the deli counter is crowd noise, not his music.

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