The Bad News Bears might not have been the original story of a surly old man coaching plucky underdogs who bond as they improve, but it at least nailed the concept. It also seems to have created a template that's been emulated on a regular basis ever since. But is Michael Ritchie's crass '70s baseball classic actually funny? Well, not so much. The anti-everybody rants Tanner often spews out might have been hilarious to packed houses 45 years ago, but they're just cringey these days. The baseball is pretty good though and the movie DOES work quite well in the sincere dramatic scenes between Walter Matthau & Tatum O'Neal. 
So don't climb a tree in shame. Just recruit a couple of superstars and keep drinking a variety of beers until you pass out on the grass as we discuss the sandlot flick about Bad News Buttermaker and his Bears.

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