Ep. 93 - Casino Royale

Our final episode of 2021 is one of the best Bond movies of all time. 
Casino Royale doesn't rely on gadgets or corny humour. Instead, it's slick, smart, modern and the action sequences are exciting, especially during the parkour chase early on. The casting of Daniel Craig surprised many naysayers, but he was always a great fit for a new 007. Outside of Connery, he's been as good as Bond gets. Mads Mikkelsen is also terrific as the poker-playing villain who likes to torture super-spies below the belt and Eva Green is simply one of the greatest Bond girls ever, especially when you think about the secret her complex character is hiding. As a bonus, Professor Chris takes all of us to poker school as he breaks down the Texas Hold 'Em scenes. The card games are fun, but they're often a bit laughable.
So avoid crashing your cool sports car and REALLY avoid falling in love with the wrong woman. Just wrap a few Christmas gifts and enjoy a martini or two while our chat about Casino Royale keeps you company.

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