Ep. 94 - McFarland

This is the 5th time we've covered a Kevin Costner film, so that makes him the undisputed champion of this channel. Unlike in Tin Cup though, he's not the one playing the sport.
As the high school coach of a track & field team in McFarland (and if you're not Canadian, you can add "U.S.A." to that title), Costner is the older mentor in a movie filled with young Hispanic characters. It's a likable film, but McFarland is similar to many other Disney movies... and it isn't always a favourable comparison.
While Niki Caro does a lovely job of filming her diverse cast in sun-bleached California, the story she's telling is a little cliche. Sometimes, it's a lot cliche. Still, kudos to the director and her writers for addressing those lame "immigrants took our jobs!" complaints by showing how these produce-pickers work harder every day than most of us ever have or ever will.
So find your pace, Blanco, and overlook the second-act flaws in this gentle movie about family, friendship and cross-country running.

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