Ep. 95 - Blades of Glory

Will Ferrell starred in a sports movie for 4 years in a row in the mid-2000s, but this is the only time he seems like he was desperate to make us laugh. Even in some of his zanier non-sports projects, it didn't usually feel like he was straining this hard. Being saddled with a flimsy co-star like Jon Heder doesn't help, but the jokes just don't work as well as they do in Talladega Nights or even Semi-Pro.
Blades Of Glory is more ridiculous than it is funny and it doesn't feel like the novice writers & directors fully committed to the ludicrous stuff. If you're going to make a movie about gay panic, then just let the two goofy guys take things to their logical conclusion and have them, well, get it on already! As for the figure skating, it isn't well-depicted, but the F/X-laden skating scenes also aren't as funny as the filmmakers think they are.
Okay, we obviously didn't love Blades Of Glory, but we had a pretty good time talking about it. So put on that flashy costume and learn to love the man-child who was once your enemy because our podcast about the World Wintersport Games (DON'T SAY OLYMPICS!) awaits you.

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