Ep. 97 - Eddie the Eagle

Since the 2022 Winter Olympic Games are winding down, we decided to talk about Eddie The Eagle.
Taron Egerton & Hugh Jackman make for a likable combo in this ski-jumping biopic. They and the other actors are responsible for why the movie is even as good as it is. We've seen this paint-by-numbers story so many times before. Cool Runnings is a good comparison. Ironically, both films are based on true stories that actually happened at the same Winter Olympics in Calgary. These are inspirational stories of determined underdogs who have more far more passion than talent. Their enthusiasm is infectious, but Dexter Fletcher's movie also has a small sense of Rudy-esque entitlement.
Perhaps poetically, in an Eddie The Eagle touch, we came up short of Chris' goal to make this a 61-minute episode. So throw on a winter jacket, put away your whiskey flask and pour a tall glass of milk as we show you our moderate Olympic spirit.

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