Ep. 98 - Rocky III

We've covered them out of order, but Rocky III represents our 4th time reviewing an entry in the Balboa boxing saga.
This 3rd one is a lot of fun, but it's packed with flaws we couldn't help nitpicking. One big problem is that, despite the financial success and the movie's lasting fame, this one (and IV) has Sylvester Stallone at his least-interesting. The guilt-ridden champ has become corporate, well-dressed and even dull compared to the lovable underdog who had an original way of stringing words together in the 1st two films (and, interestingly enough, also in later Rockys). Talia Shire, Burt Young, Burgess Meredith & Carl Weathers are back once again to love and support Sly, but Mr. T was of course the breakthrough newcomer who's too busy being angry to feel pity for fools.
So don't let your Stallion self get all civilized. Just fire up Eye Of The Tiger on your device, somehow beat your more-talented trainer in a footrace on the beach and then repeatedly punch a hard-punching battler in the face while we gab about Rocky III.
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