Ep. 54 - Moneyball

Scoring At The Movies #54 gets deep into the weeds of the real-life story about the little franchise that could, the 2002 Oakland Athletics, in Moneyball. We also lay plenty of advance stats and insider terminology on you, so get ready numbers nerds, this is the episode for you!

The actors certainly help make this film as good as it is, particularly Chris Pratt, in one of his breakout roles as well as Brad Pitt as A's intense GM Billy Beane. This is a movie about tradition v adaptation, luck & chance v computer analysis. Also, does team chemistry mean anything? How about a baseball player's mental outlook? We discuss.

There's even a lot of comparisons between Michael Lewis' excellent book and Bennet Miller's movie. At the end, we also jaw about the real-life turmoil in the MLB/MLBPA money dispute. Ugly scene there. So get on base and sample our podcast about one of the best pictures of the past decade, Moneyball.

Pedantry Alert: "Moneyball 2" actually started in 2012 when the A's made it back to the Division Series. In fact, they've been in the playoffs 5 times in the past 8 seasons. Also, Johnny Damon is a respectable 224th on the career WAR list, which is higher than Hall Of Famers Kirby Puckett and Jim Rice. Also also, Barry Bonds had MORE than a .600 on-base percentage in 2004 and got close to .600 in 2002. 

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