Audiences and critics don't have much affection for The Legend Of Bagger Vance, but we were moved by it. Robert Redford's genial golf movie stars some...View Details

If you're in the mood for a genial, laid-back podcast about a genial, laid-back movie, our talk about Necessary Roughness is going to feel as welcomin...View Details

Ep. 75 - 42

It's a gift of good timing that we can post a podcast about a Jackie Robinson movie on Jackie Robinson Day.   The Brooklyn Dodgers star is portrayed v...View Details

Ep. 74 - Hardball

Casting legit good guy Keanu Reeves as a degenerate gambler with anger issues is a curious choice, but Hardball is a bit of a curious movie.   The g...View Details

Ep. 73 - Glory Road

Glory Road was unappreciated by the critics and by the crowds 15 years ago, but we think they were out to lunch. This is one of the best pure sports m...View Details

We probably don't have "it", but we're back in the wrestling ring to cut some awesome promos about Fighting With My Family. Florence Pugh is (to use a...View Details

Ep. 71 - Invictus

Our recent trend of biographical sports pictures continues with Invictus, but the poker princess, the rock-climber, the chess prodigy and the walk-on ...View Details

Ep. 70 - Invincible

The Super Bowl is only a few days away, so a somewhat glum movie about a real-life special teams player from the Philadelphia Eagles in the '70s is ex...View Details

Ep. 69 - BASEketball

We wanted to do something bawdy for our 69th episode, but we're disappointed to report that BASEketball just isn't as hilariously crass as expecte...View Details

Ep. 68 - The Fan

Are you looking for a lighthearted baseball movie? Well, look elsewhere!   The Fan has Robert De Niro playing a psychotic stalker going after Barry Bo...View Details

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