Ep. 104 - Rush

The gentlemen driving in the Indianapolis 500 will be starting their engines on May 29th, so we decided to gear up for that by yapping about a car racing movie.
Ron Howard's Rush is one of the most-underrated flicks he's directed in the past 20 years, although almost nobody paid to see it. Perhaps the attendance wasn't very good because the film has a well-earned R rating... and that adult material makes it a better flick. Howard and his writer Peter Morgan are doing what they both do so often by making a biopic, and a well-cast one at that.
Chris Hemsworth and the outstanding Daniel Bruhl look a lot like the actual James Hunt and Niki Lauda, but they also excellently embody the F1 racers. But do you root for the handsome Brit who goofs off all the time or the machine-like Austrian who, despite being the best driver, eventually finds himself in the role of underdog? It's a compelling rivalry.
So climb out of your hospital bed to get back behind the wheel and risk a fiery death (at least 20% of the time), but also be wise enough to know when it's time to pit and quit as we discuss Rush.
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