Ep. 105 - The Express

The Ernie Davis Story is another sports biopic that's about the human struggle just as much as it is a film about college football. Davis had to regularly endure racism throughout his brief life, although there was a measure of vindication when he became the first black man to win the Heisman Trophy.
Rob Brown is as solid as an Orange rock playing the tough-but-saintly Ernie. Dennis Quaid is pretty good as the smart, but so-accepting veteran coach who learns a thing or two about what's right and what's really wrong.
Gary Fleder's picture has a weird title though because the movie is certainly not well-paced and they rarely ever actually call Davis "The Express". In fact, we found it to be an inconsistently structured film from start to finish. Plenty of scenes confused us and some set-ups are just not paid off. It IS fair to say though that Davis was worthy of being featured in a film. Now do one about Jim Brown!
So suit up and let yourself be honoured by an adoring crowd as we articulate our feelings about The Express.

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