Ep. 21 - Field of Dreams

Tear ducts, prepare thy selves for this 21st edition of Scoring At The Movies, as we analyze the best film we’ve covered yet: Field of Dreams.

This ghost story has a sense of humour, along with a midlife crisis, father/son regret, spirituality...and lots of corn. Kevin Costner was the ideal choice to head up the eclectic Field Of Dreams cast. He’s given a lot of credit for this movie, but writer/director Phil Alden Robinson did a masterful job of walking the tightrope and finding the correct It’s A Wonderful Life type tone. To Chris’ dismay, it also shares a major plot point with Jimmy Stewart’s Christmas movie—money woes. Also, while the miscast Ray Liotta as Shoeless Joe doesn’t hurt the picture, he’s just too scary and New York-y for that role. Fortunately, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones and especially Burt Lancaster are perfectly cast.

Dig into our lengthy teeth-rattle about one of the sweetest and oddest sports movies ever made.

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