Ep. 39 - The Hurricane

Because it’s more of a courtroom movie than a sports flick, The Hurricane makes for a curious choice for our 39th Scoring At The Movies episode.

Denzel Washington is outstanding in director Norman Jewison’s penultimate film and the rest of the cast is certainly fine, but we had issues with how they presented Rubin Carter’s checkered history. He was wrongly imprisoned, but also wrongly depicted.

We could have used a lot less of the Canadians (doesn’t everyone feel that way?) and we’d rather have had more prickly Rubin instead of (mostly) saintly Rubin. So this one is far more about racial bigotry and America’s messed-up justice system than it is about boxing, but… Well, just hit that play button on the ‘Cane 'cast to find out so much more.

Pedantry Alert: The 4th movie we’ve covered this year that Ryan hadn’t previously seen before doing it for the podcast was Creed II. Also, When They See Us was actually released this year, not last year. Also also, when talking about the bleak palette, Ryan wasn’t very clear about saying “a prison AND Canada”, not “a prison IN Canada”.

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