Ep. 87 - 61*

61* is pure gold for baseball lovers, especially for those who love statistics & history. Actually, our chat was more about stats than Billy Crystal's TV movie was, but this isn't the first time we've spent half an episode discussing some of our favourite MLB numbers.
We also talked so much about the infamous McGwire/Sosa home-run derby that you can almost call this "98". Anyway, the charismatic Mickey Mantle and the quiet Roger Maris are the stars here, just as they were the stars of that 1960s Yankees dynasty.
Crystal's direction is often heavy-handed, but he gets the authenticity of the period right and he also gets top-notch performances out of his entire cast...especially Thomas Jane as Mantle & Barry Pepper as Maris. So make sure the doctor gives you a safe flu shot in your hip and don't let the pressure from the media drive you insane as 2 men talk about 2 other men chasing history.

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