Ep. 90 - The Way Back

Like so many movies last year, The Way Back was hurt badly by the pandemic after theatres were shut down. We recommend you rent or stream Ben Affleck's high-school basketball picture though because it's one of the best films we've talked about all year.
The subject matter of alcohol abuse hits very close to home for Affleck, of course, but Gavin O'Connor's direction finds all kinds of effective ways to carefully ladle out information about why this damaged coach is the way he is. There are cliches in The Way Back, but without getting maudlin, O'Connor makes it heartbreakingly real and he even pays off his set-ups better than MANY movies we've covered.
So abide at least half of the dress code, but for the love of your b-balling boys try harder to curb your swearing as we unfurl our gab on this Veterans/Remembrance Day.

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