Ep. 99 - King Richard

King Richard is the timeliest movie we've ever covered because it was released just 4 months ago (not 3, as we said in the podcast) and it's up for a slew of Academy Awards on March 27th. Will Smith will likely win an Oscar for Best Actor and he clearly loved telling this story, but director Reinaldo Marcus Green's movie is just "The Richard Williams Experience". A biopic about Venus & Serena Williams still needs to be made because this isn't it. On the very bright side, Saniyya Sidney and Demi Singleton play the tennis phenoms in their preteen days and they're quite good in the film, as is Aunjanue Ellis as their mother, although the girls & their 3 half-sisters also have to play it like they're the beatific Von Trapp kids no matter the obstacle. Is that real? When you're this competitive and this driven to be the best? When you aren't rich and you aren't white, but you're trying to break into an elitist, white sport? When you have a "tennis dad" who's demanding and borderline abusive? We dig into all that. In any case, you too can be a soothsayer about the remarkable success of your kids, but make those pre-birth predictions while hearing us volley back and forth about King Richard.

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