Ep. 56 - I, Tonya

Scoring At The Movies gets into some more American Dream type stuff in the fact-mixed-with-fiction Tonya Harding story "I, Tonya". Margot Robbie and her cast mates were worthy of several gold medals for their spot-on and often hilarious performances in Craig Gillespie's comedic biopic.

Great movie though this is, Chris struggled to get past an intense dislike for the real-life people and events in this conspiracy of dunces. We certainly agree that the (allegedly, but probably) abused Harding was in a constant battle with class snobbery in the world of figure skating and a brutally tough Whiplash-like mother. Steroids and politics even came up, but our thoughts about those topics aren't as inflammatory as you might expect.

So don't ask "why, why?" should you listen to the 56th SATM episode because, if you don't, threatening letters or a pipe to the back of the leg by some incompetent goon might be in your future! (note: we aren't going to hire a goon to hit you with a pipe).

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