Ep. 41 - Jerry Maguire

The 41st episode of Scoring At The Movies is a looooong look at a rom-com-football…fantasy? Yes, Jerry Maguire is a fantasy. We explain.

Cameron Crowe’s legendary picture is romantic and funny (big score on the rom-com scale, in fact), but it’s also a bit tragic. After all, Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Rod Tidwell might have a shorter shelf life than the movie wants to admit. Plus, Jerry and Dorothy’s already unbalanced love affair might not have the happy ending you think it does. We explain. But, man, let’s get back into the smiley spirit of the season and rejoice in the lovely time at the movies Gerald Maguire is!

Tom Cruise has pretty much never been better, Gooding deservedly won an Oscar and Renee Zellweger is terrific too, but Regina King & Bonnie Hunt STILL manage to steal the movie. You’ll hear just how much the AFI loves this one. You’ll hear us jam in a lot of Simpsons quotes. And you know what? We'll explain some things. Complete us!

Pedantry Alert: Craig Stadler is NOT the golf coach in an early scene and the talk show host is Roy (not Rod) Firestone. Also, Jerry’s first “hello” greeting at Dorothy’s house happens when he walks in on the Divorced Women’s Group the first time. Also also, Candice Bergen is the host who closes out the “100 Years, 100 Passions” AFI show, not Geena Davis. And finally, Beau Bridges plays Matt Cushman. A Thought While Editing: Does Jerry learn ANYTHING? An injured hockey player should probably be told to stop playing and the player’s kid shames Jerry about it. Then we see throughout the movie that Rod should probably stop playing because of repeated concussions, but Jerry negotiates a big contract ENSURING Rod will play another 3 years…and maybe have serious C.T.E. when he retires.

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